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Alderwood Clinic

Providing Healthcare Facilities in Etobicoke

It is necessary to have a well-equipped clinic and have access to health care providers in Etobicoke community. The patients who are looking for the best clinic in Etobicoke area can choose the famous Alderwood Medical Clinic. 

The facility has a family center, a walk-in clinic, an addiction centre, and specialists centre to cater to its patients' varying needs. It is the best family clinic in Etobicoke that serves both the elderly and the young people equally. 

Moreover, the facility has a modern pharmacy, Savon Drug Mart with almost all the medicines required by the Alderwood community.

This modern, technologically equipped clinic has the latest healthcare tools and the pharmacy to provide every type of medical benefit.

Services Offered by SAVON Drug Mart and Alderwood Community Clinic

You can refer the Alderwood Medical Clinic to your family and friends without any second thought. The clinic provides treatment in the area of Neurology, Dermatology, Haematology, and Pediatrics. This medical clinic offers versatile wide range of practices under one roof.

Family Doctors Alderwood

Family MDS Services

While searching for a 'family clinic' you will come across the Alderwood clinic which is chosen as the best community family clinic in Alderwood, Etobicoke area.

The clinic has both male and female doctors. When you call, please discuss with the reciptioniest your preference and who you would like to speak with when you arrive.

After you finish your visit at Alderwood Clinic, you don't have to go far to get your prescription filled. You can just drop your prescrition at the adjacent pharmacy, Savon Drug Mart, and get it ready in just ten minutes.

Specialists Services

If you are searching for a specialist medical clinic in the Etobicoke area, you will find the Alderwood clinic where you can find wide range of specialists in differenct deciplines; Neurology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, and Gynaecology among others.

Our expert doctors use modern tools and equipment for diagnosis to provide the best care to our patients. We have a great medical team that treats every patient with a personalized touch.

The doctors will develop a tailor-made treatment plan for each patient.

Methadone Treatment Etobicoke

Addiction Center Service

Patients searching online for the 'Methadone Treatment' will be able to find the Alderwood clinic that is serving its community for the last three decades.

The clinic has specialist doctors and a well-equipped addiction center that supports the patients for Methadone and other drug-related treatments. 

We understand the social and emotional turmoil a person may be going through. We are the best Methadone treatment Etobicoke providers who provide a personalized treatment plan for every patient. Moreover, the patients don't have to worry about medicines, as they can get the prescribed medicines at low rates from our pharmacy SAVON Drug Mart.

Walk-in Clinic

While looking for a Walk-in clinic in the Etobicoke region, the patients will come across the Alderwood walk-in clinic. The clinic has modern equipment to treat patients as soon as they come along for medication or treatment purposes. We render comprehensive and quality treatment to the patients that are easily accessible to everyone. 

Please ensure to bring your OHIP card so that we can update your records during your visit. At our walk-in clinic also you will get all the specialized services like Gynaecology, Dermatology, Urology, Neurology, etc. Just after the treatment, don't forget to fill your prescription at Savon Drug Mart pharmacy before you leave. Your prescription should be ready withing 10 min.

Why Choose Alderwood Clinic?


If you are looking forward to the best doctors, especially in the Etobicoke region, then the Alderwood clinic is a one-stop solution for all your medical needs.

We have an adjacent pharmacy for your conveniance, Savon Drug Mart. You can get your prescription filled withing 10 min right after your clinic's visit.

This clinic has both family doctos and spcialists under one roof. No need to go to another clinic to see a specialist if the need arises.

The team of specialists for women, skin, nerve, or brain issues, etc., makes this clinic one of the best picks.

You can come here for family check-ups, Methadone treatment, or just as a walk-in patient. No appointment is required.

The patients residing in North York, Etobicoke or nearby cities and searching for a reputable Doctor Clinic can get to Alderwood Clinic for fast and reliable medical treatment.

Alderwood is known for giving a personalized touch to its medical care.

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Whether you are looking for a family doctor, a walk-in clinic, or a specialist doctor, Alderwood Medical Centre is your local clinic. New patients are welcome.

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Michale C.

We are so fortunate to have such a pharmacy in our neighborhood. Such a caring staff that attends to every little detail. Compared to big chain pharmacies, here we really do feel that our health matters!

A. Abdalla

We are so fortunate to have such a pharmacy in our neighborhood. Such a caring staff that attends to every little detail. Compared to big chain pharmacies, here we really do feel that our health matters!


We are so fortunate to have such a pharmacy in our neighborhood. Such a caring staff that attends to every little detail. Compared to big chain pharmacies, here we really do feel that our health matters!

Vera M

Great customer service and staff!! Years of dealings, and would say they're the best in the business.

Tony Marchese

Great owner and staff, always willing to help.

Gaya Nair

I am grateful and touched by the effort that the pharmacist, Nabil Ibrahim, put into talking me through an urgent healthcare concern. I did not have a family doctor urgently and some help with addressing my concern until I could get an appointment with a family doctor. Not only did he talk me through the issue, he recommended a family doctor in my neighbourhood and called her clinic to set up an appointment for me. I saw the doctor within 2 days. Thank you Nabil, for all your help.

Andrea L.

This pharmacy has outstanding customer service! My experience was amazing! The staff are so personable. I am on many medications and the pharmacist took a lot of time to customize my medications so I could fill them all at the same time. Something that other local pharmacies did not do. This is a great business in our neighbourhood and I will definitely continue to come here.

Brenda Pike, Ontario

This is an amazing pharmacy! I love it and would not even consider going to a different one. They are knowledgeable, fast, reliable, personable and they are great with each and every customer! They are all pleasant and I leave with my prescription feeling good! I know that they go the extra mile to assure that each and every customer has all the information they want/need about their medication. Really, really good pharmacy.



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